The last few weeks have been a depressing time for anyone who believes in a) gaming and b) not being terrible to women. For anyone who has had the luxury of not hearing about GamerGate so far, John Siracusa tells it like it is on ATP episode 81 (listen to the whole thing, but the relevant bit starts at around 1:11:40)*.

I’ve been wondering for a while what an antisocial gamer can do and listening to Isometric episode 18 last night gave a clue. Getting the industry to change and demand decent treatment for women is a necessary first step, and the only way outsiders can influence these people is through their pocket books. Accordingly, and as someone who spends a fair amount of money on games (my steam library currently has 473 titles), I hereby pledge that I will only spend money on games made by people who have convinced me that they are firmly on the side of making women feel welcome and safe in tech. And I hope that other gamers will join me in making this pledge.


* You might wonder why I chose to link to podcast of guys talking about women being harassed in tech, and it’s deliberate: at this point I’m pretty confident that anyone who still needs to understand GamerGate and what it is really about is incapable of hearing it from anyone but a man. Which is exactly the problem.